You can endlessly learn the theory, but as soon as you hear real English speech, it is likely that you will not be able to quickly respond and correctly answer. Or answer at least somehow. Because without practice, all your knowledge does not make much sense and will only help to watch TV shows without translation.
To speak fluently, you need to find English speaking partners for the constant practice of the language. And for this it is completely optional to pack your bags and move to England – thanks to the Internet you do not even have to get out of the couch to talk to the natives. Today we will share with you several life hacks to search for foreigners.

1. Social networks

In social networks, there are many groups for finding friends directly for the practice of the language. Write what language you speak and which one you want to pull up, and choose who to chat with. There are native speakers of Greek, Japanese and even Mandarin 🙂

2. MMORPG games

It offers text and voice chats in games that are played by people from all over the planet. And of course, it is most convenient to speak the international – English – language. It is easy to combine business with pleasure.

3. Meetings with foreigners

There is an interesting MeetUp service, on it you are looking for meetings of interest, including with foreigners. Tourists often use it to entertain themselves while traveling in an unfamiliar country. The site even has a separate meeting page directly for practicing different languages.

3. Services for searching English practice partners

There are sites specializing in finding media from around the world. Register, choose a language – and immediately begin to communicate. Completely free: Lingvonet, and for a small fee – Italki, however, the latter offers not just communication, but lessons from inactive. But on it you can register and start teaching your language to foreigners, and also earn some money (for traveling to England to these same natives, yes).

4. Forums

You can search for interest forums or just tourist forums where travelers ask questions about the city or country they want to visit. On TripAdvisor, for example, there is a forum about every country in Europe: choose your favorite and help travelers make travel itineraries.

5. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing – literally “surf on sofas” – is the search for a free overnight stay while traveling. The main motive is to communicate with foreigners, learn more about their culture, and exchange experiences. If you do not like to travel, you can simply host guests. It is enough to register, post information about yourself and check private messages. You can also find activities nearby.

6. Dating sites

Despite their, frankly, not very positive reputation, still dating sites help someone to find friends and love. And in order to pump in English, look immediately for foreigners or foreigners.

Write in the comments where you are looking for partners to speak English? 😉